Managing Data: 2


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    A number of features were added in version 2.1 that help you to manage your data. Some of these include:

    • Sorting features
    • Renaming by attribute
    • Batch feature class changes
    • Exporting layer hierarchy

    Sorting Features

    Features can be sorted within a folder either manually or all at once.

    To sort manually, tap the "Edit" button then drag each row using the drag area on the right. For performance reasons, layers, points, and polyline/polygons are grouped together and cannot be intermingled.

    To sort automatically, pull the feature list down until the "Sort" button becomes visible at the top. Tap the sort button, then select the field you would like to use as a sort criteria- at the current time this can either be by name or by the value in any of the attributes within the folder. On the bottom toolbar you can select whether to sort alphabetically or numerically, as well as ascending or descending order.

    When sorting by attribute there may be some ambiguity as GIS Kit's flexible engine allows you to intermingle various feature classes within a single folder. It is still okay to sort a folder with varying feature classes, even by attribute. The algorithm will do its best to handle each case intelligently. Please just remember that you must specify whether the sorting should happen alphabetically or numerically.

    Renaming by Attribute

    Often times it is advantageous to view the features by attribute, either in the list or on the map. In v2.1 you can rename all the features in a folder by the value in a particular attribute. Simply select a single feature and you will notice a new button near the name field. When you select this it will allow you to choose an attribute whose value can be used to replace the name. A dialog will ask you if you would like to apply the change in batch to more than just this feature, as shown in the following image.