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    Layers are GIS Kit/Pro's primary mechanism for data organization. They are synonymous with folders in a computer file system and support many functions. The functions layers support include:

    • Enable/Disable - toggles drawing of all contents and sublayers
    • Edit Name - When you have selected a layer its name can be edited directly from the top bar
    • Lock Layer - This locks the layer, so that it is visible, but not selectable on the map
    • Opacity - A layer's opacity affects all contents and sublayers
    • Reorder - The order of layers can be changed to affect draw order
    • Move - A folder can be moved to any other folder in the hierarchy
    • Copy - A folder (and all its contents) can be copied to another project
    • Fit - The map's fit button applies to the currently selected folder

    Layer Options

    If you are accustomed to using Shapefiles then you will be at home with using layers with only a couple exceptions. First, layers can contain more than one feature class. This will not be the case unless you manually shuffle features around because all new features are placed into auto-generated layers based on their feature class. Also, importing hierarchical file types such as KML may also explicitly place different types of features into the same layers. At any rate, knowing how this is handled should save you some confusion.

    To move an individual feature to another layer, select cell that displays the feature's layer and select a layer from the popup. If you would like to copy it to another project simply back up to the previous menu in the popup and select a project.

    Move Feature Layer

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